Frequently Asked Questions

What IS a ‘replacement window’?

The term replacement window is used to distinguish our windows from those made for homes being newly built. Typically, replacement windows are NOT made in standard sizes…but instead, are each built to specific, custom sizes to accommodate your home. All Window Depot USA windows are made to custom sizes, to fit your home.

How do I compare different replacement windows?

Replacement windows can be considered to be the most important energy-saving appliance in your home. We encourage you to speak with more than one replacement window company; to compare and contrast product and service offerings…and to become as educated as you possibly can before making this investment.

When comparing windows, we suggest scrutinizing and comparing the following: Raw Materials (PVC), Hardware and option design, Aesthetics, East of operation, Strength, and Sturdiness…and most importantly, Energy Efficiency as validated by the National Fenestration Ratings Council (NFRC).

Window Depot USA would be delighted to provide you with an in home presentation that touches on all of these topics so that you can make the very best decision possible.

How much do replacement windows cost?

For many years, the cost of replacement windows remained a mystery to the general public. Why? Partly because there are fairly large differences in the quality of some window products, and thus the prices. But partly because some window companies didn’t WANT you to know. Scary, eh?

Unfortunately, there are still replacement window companies that hide their prices, only to reveal them after a long presentation filled with psychological tricks aimed at making sure you cannot say no. They will show you their price…which is typically TWICE our price, if not more. Then they will begin a series of games to lower the price and get you to believe you’re getting a ‘deal’.

Now this will probably get us in a lot of trouble with ‘those’ types of companies…but we just don’t care. Replacement windows are an important and wise investment for your home…and you should be treated fairly. Window Depot USA offers several product packages with pricing that is totally up front. It’s printed right on the contract!

What about all the companies that advertise $189 for any size installed?In the last several years, you’ve probably seen quite a few companies advertise like this. And while Window Depot USA can offer you an inexpensive window, there are a couple of important things to remember and consider.

FIRST: Window Depot USA of Lexington doesn’t just hide behind one low price. We present you with multiple products of varying energy efficiency levels, at upfront packages prices.

SECOND: When was the last time you received great service and a great product, from the company that was the absolute cheapest? Our guess is NEVER. There is a HUGE difference between cheap prices and FAIR prices. Window Depot USA offers the best combination of price and value in the industry because our prices are incredibly affordable. Our prices are fair…not cheap.