Unlike so many other windows companies in America, the WDUSA process is straight forward, informative, and consultative by design.

Our sales consultants will provide you with the information you need to make the best decision for your home and family. Let me explain a little further. Replacement windows are typically sold right in the home…literally in the living room or kitchen of YOUR home.

Why? First is the need for measurement. Sales consultants must determine the sizes of windows necessary, as this often relates directly to cost, and even to style availability. Second is design. Getting a sense of the décor, construction and “feel” of your home, will allow us to provide you with some recommendations regarding color, grid patterns, combination window styles, and more. Other reasons also exist that can only be ascertained by an in-home visit such as local building code compliance, layout and construction of your home, and more.

But let’s get to why our process is different (and better). Many window companies gather this information during a high-pressure process that is actually DESIGNED to make you feel OBLIGATED to purchase. What’s worse…these companies rarely show you a price until 2 to 3 hours after the appointment has started. No…seriously.

We think buying new replacement windows should be a pleasant and informative process. So let’s look at how we’ll make that happen for you.

  • 1. Our prices are UP FRONT. There’s no games, no gimmicks. You know the prices we charge for our quality products and service from ‘minute one’.
  • 2. You will never hear us claim to be the “cheapest, guaranteed”. We’ve found, in life, that this “guarantee” always comes with a DOWNSIDE. Our pricing is extremely competitive, providing great products at fair prices.
  • 3. Our consultation is designed to provide you with the information you need, to make a great decision. We won’t coax or pressure you to make decisions, we’ll empower you to make your decision based on the VALUE that we can provide.
  • 4. We respect your TIME. Most appointments are about 1 hour. Our goal is to build the very finest home improvement company in America, and we can only do that if we earn your trust and satisfaction as a client.

Our process has been designed to be informative, with upfront prices, and no obligation. If we present the information that YOU need and deliver products that make your home more valuable and save you energy, all at great prices…we believe that you’ll choose Window Depot USA.