When I see our competitors announcing their windows are the “best for less”, it makes me crazy.

Why? Because I know the disservice that is done to homeowners every day by trying to providing products and services stated to be “quality” and “the best”…for prices that are too good to be true.

Part of a good company’s job is to provide more value than the competition, so I can certainly appreciate striving to deliver the best price for your customers. However, a good company also has a responsibility to provide quality goods and services, that will stand the test of time.

And let me ask you: When is the last product or service you purchased that was the “best”…for the cheapest price?

There are quite a few problems with this type of approach. Namely, cheap prices lead to cheap craftsmanship.

Here at Window Depot USA…we’re able to present you with several different pricing packages that are designed around different budgets, and different energy-savings demands.

The core products offered by Window Depot USA are high quality, dual and triple pane windows, at incredibly affordable prices. In fact, we often sell our triple pane packages at prices below our national competitors dual pane packages.

The KEY word is VALUE. Local Window Depot USA locations aren’t usually the cheapest. All of them however, believe in providing the BEST VALUE in the marketplace.

Our national buying power allows us to bring you FAIR prices. We believe our prices, along with our quality of product and service, represent the absolute BEST VALUE in America.

We don’t want to sell you the “best for less”, because we don’t think that’s very forthright. We want to sell you the best, at a very fair price. A price that gives you more value than any other company in the nation.